Ballet Events

Galveston Ballet participates in several performances and community events.
• Dance in Schools in an in-school interaction with studentsJasmine web_0045
in elementary schools. Through lecture, demonstration,
hands-on activities and performance, Dance in Schools
introduces students to classical and contemporary ballet
seeking to create an appreciation for the fine art of dance.

•  Dance in School Matinee:  At this event, the public,
private and homeschooled 5th grade classes are
invite to attend a free ballet performance at The Grand
1894 Opera House.  Many of these children have never
attended a stage performance, or have had the opportunity
to be inside a beautiful historic performance venue.
This is an excellent way to introduce students to the theatre,
ballet and an orchestra. The rules of etiquette are printed
on the back of their programs for them to follow. We have
performed Peter and the Wolf which is a vibrant and fun
ballet, yet short enough to hold their attention.

•  Evening show of this same matinee is also performed
for the public at a cost.

•  The Grand Kids Festival: Warmer weather and an
outdoor festival can’t be beat on Galveston Island.
The students dance on an outdoor stage for this event
in early April.

•  Performance: End of May, the ballet performs two
consecutive nights at The Grand 1894 Opera House.
A full length classical ballet with full sets, props,
dancers, lights and sound can be expected.

• Christmas Events:  Nearing the end of the calendar
year, the ballet is asked to perform on an outdoor stage
at the opening of the Moody Gardens Festival of Lights.
The students also dance outdoors at the Hotel Galvez
Holiday Lighting Event, as the palm trees are lit up.

• Dickens on the Strand is another time of the year that
the ballet can be viewed by the public.  The studio is
open during this event and the students dance pieces from
The Nutcracker.

• In addition to these staged performances, the students
also do Open House events. Some during Artwalk and
others timed to various community happenings.  The
Open House events normally invite the public in to watch
the students in a real rehearsal.